Oregon Du Drop Designs


By varying bulb shapes and capacities, by selecting appropriate bell tops, by adding suspended crystals or keepsakes, by having the bulb “ice cubed,” we can make an Oregon Du Drop unique to your desires with rain commemorating your select event, whether it be a birthday, wedding, anniversary, housewarming, graduation, . . . or the celebration of a newborn or a loved one gone.

We create over 400 varieties of Oregon Du Drops.

    Oregon Du Drops are available in a variety of manifestations from chandelier and candelabra bulbs to the ceiling-fan bulbs we call Rainballs.  We top them with brass bells from India in several shapes and sizes.  This page shows a general sampling of the most common styles. 

    We have Oregon rain as old as October, 1999 in our rain cellar.  Please call us at 503-355-2541 to determine whether we have rain appropriate for you (month and year), or email us at <info@oregondudrops.com>.

                                            Cathleen & Du Bois